Homeopathic HGH – Can This Form of HGH Work?

There are various forms of HGH in the market out today, so many that it becomes difficult to determine what forms of HGH work and what do not. Here we evaluate homeopathic HGH, and if it can possibly work.

First and foremost is that we have to determine what homeopathy is. This form and type of medicine relies on identifying a common set of symptoms that are caused by different things. For example if a certain bacteria causes a person to have a fever, a homeopath will look for a healthy person and look for an herb a plant or anything that can cause another healthy person to have a fever. When he finds it, then he can now use it to treat the individual who had a fever because of bacteria. It is a simple concept of like cures like.

In order to apply homeopathy to HGH, the prime role of HGH in our bodies is to enhance growth, metabolism, properly distribute fat. What the homeopathic products contain is alcohol and a very minuscule amount of HGH. The first reason and valid reason why HGH is taken is to fix growth problems in certain diseases. A true homeopath would look for something that would also stunt growth aside from HGH. But the product also contains HGH and alcohol, none of which actually stop or cause stunting, so in the first place homeopathic HGH does not even adhere to the rules of homeopathic medicine, meaning it is not homeopathic HGH in the first place.

Secondly the only way to properly ingest HGH is through the prescription form which is FDA approved. This is the only actually approved means of taking HGH, and comes in an injection. All the other means of taking in HGH, especially orally, including homeopathic HGH is not FDA approved. This means that the sale of Homeopathic HGH is most likely a scam in order to make a lot of money for some people. Furthermore homeopathic HGH is usually marketed to consumers either as an anti-aging product or a sports enhancement product. It should be noted that the FDA has declared it illegal to market HGH as an anti-aging or sports enhancement product, you have therefore been adequately warned.

Homeopathic Human Growth Hormone is therefore all hype, and can produce no good results. In the first place it is sold illegally, and secondly it cannot possibly produce on its’ claims. This means that all those people who have been purchasing this homeopathic HGH have been duped and deserve better. The FDA therefore should take action against the companies that produce these products and stop their sale in over the internet and the open market as they are wasting the money of their customers, and may be endangering themselves by taking this form of HGH. This is the only manner in which the con artists, who seem to be multiplying with each day that passes, can be controlled and hopefully totally stopped from fooling any more consumers.

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